TUO LIN     林 拓


[Architecture/ Performance/ Media Art]




Cloud Wall  Beijing, in progress


Jinan Fu  Shanghai, in progress


Circle Garden  Shanghai, 11/2019


HKDI  Hong Kong, 10/2019


If By the Seaside 如果在海边  Shanghai, 10/2019


35 Flowers  Shanghai, 10/2019


Two Sties 两个现场 , in progress,  TwoSites.org


Dior By Dior Hangzhou, 07/2019


Love is All Around  Beijing, 06/2019-09/2019


A Dark Listening 黑暗听音  Shanghai, 05-06/2019


The Other Side  Shanghai, 05/2019


FENGYI TAN SS19  London, 09/2018


The Mud  London, 07/2018


Synth 2.0  London, 07/2018


Stone and Wood  Wenzhou, 2018


Cloud/Plunger 云朵/马桶搋子


@Rambert Dance, London, 01/2018


@Tube Showroom, Shanghai, 03/2018


@China Exchange UK, London, 03/2018

To Be Honest Spain  Girona, 2017


To Be Honest  London, 2017


The Raw Silence London, 2016


Full Discussion London, 2016


Stop Screaming! Hangzhou, 2016


If on the Wall a Catway Hangzhou, 2016


A Paparazzo and the Celebrities 明星与狗仔 2015


His Ex-wife and Her Ex-husband 前夫与前妻 2015


The Blind and the Lame 瞎子和瘸子 2015


Shadeless Hangzhou, 2015


Courtyard Reconstruction in Tongji, Shanghai, 2015


The Jinxi Resort Hotel, Kunshan, 2015


Transformation of Longhua Temple, Shanghai, 2015


Office Building in Block C-8-1-2, Shanghai, 2015


Cube Egg  Hangzhou, 2014


Yandangshan Wine Museum, Wenzhou  2013


The Corbel Pavilion  Hangzhou, 2013